Modulo Commissione MultiEleonora96 in Inglese

Choose the type of commission, chosen according to the prices or in the "Negozio di MultiEleonora96" on the site Animewonderful.

Choose your type of commission among:

simple sketchcoloured sketchdigital full-colourmonochrome paintingfull-colour painting

For these commissions, you can choose between:

BustHalf bodyFull body

Choose between:

traditional monochrome drawingtraditional full-colour painting

For these commissions, you can choose between:

BustHalf body

You can choose between:

Chibi & Icon (only one character)Logo (file .psd/png)

Moodboard from Pinterest (optional)

For a simple sketch, coloured sketch, monochrome painting, full-colour painting, traditional monochrome drawing, traditional full-colour painting, you may request the shipment which has to be paid in advance and has to be added to the price of the commission. For all these kinds of commissions you have to fill this form for the shipment:

State (only if abroad)

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